BasicColorTween This creates a basic tween that changes a display object's color.
 BasicMultiTween This creates a BasicTween, but accepts a parameters object that can contain many properties and values.
 BasicTween A very basic tween that allows you to tween a given value on any object to a new value.
 ColorTween Standard tween class to change the color of a DisplayObject.
 MultiTween This is the same as the Tween class, except it can tween multiple properties at once, and offers no bezier.
 PrimitiveBezierTween This is a PrimitiveTween that also has bezier points, used by the Tween class to create bezier tweens.
 PrimitiveMultiTween This is a PrimitiveTween that's used to tween multiple properties on an object in a single tween.
 PrimitiveTween This is the most basic tween with no management.
 Tween Changes a property's value over time by 'tweening'.