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particle — Property, class com.desuade.partigen.emitters.BasicEmitter
This is the class used to create new particles from.
Particle — Dynamic Class, package com.desuade.partigen.particles
This is the standard particle class used with the Emitter class that includes MotionControllers.
Particle() — Constructor, class com.desuade.partigen.particles.Particle
Creates a new particle.
particleBaseClass — Property, class com.desuade.partigen.emitters.BasicEmitter
This is the base class to used for all created particles. When the pools create particle objects, they use this.
particleBlendMode — Property, class com.desuade.partigen.emitters.BasicEmitter
This defines the blendmode for each particle created. Choices: "add", "alpha", "darken", "difference", "erase", "hardlight", "invert", "layer", "lighten", "multiply", "normal", "overlay", "screen", "subtract" Note: PixelRenderer will assume the blendmode of all particles/pixels is the same.
particleClass — Property, class com.desuade.partigen.pools.Pool
Gets the class of particle the pool creates.
ParticleController — Dynamic Class, package com.desuade.partigen.controllers
This is created by an emitter to manage and control all the particle motion controller configurations.
ParticleController() — Constructor, class com.desuade.partigen.controllers.ParticleController
This creates a ParticleController.
particleCount — Static Property, class com.desuade.partigen.Partigen
The amount of total particles created so far in the engine.
ParticleEvent — class, package com.desuade.partigen.events
Events for particles.
ParticleEvent(type:String, data:Object, bubbles:Boolean, cancelable:Boolean) — Constructor, class com.desuade.partigen.events.ParticleEvent
Creates a new ParticleEvent.
particleFilters — Property, class com.desuade.partigen.emitters.BasicEmitter
This is an array of filters that gets applied to each particle as it's born.
ParticlePhysicsController — Dynamic Class, package com.desuade.partigen.controllers
Used to configure PhysicsMultiControllers for the particles.
ParticlePhysicsController(duration:Number, containerClass:Class, tweenClass:Class) — Constructor, class com.desuade.partigen.controllers.ParticlePhysicsController
This is like a PhysicsMultiController from the Motion Package, but is used as a placeholder to configure emitters. ParticlePhysicsControllers create PhysicsMultiControllers on each particle that's created, allowing the particles to change over their lives with physics. Each one has 3 sub ParticleTweenControllers: velocity, acceleration, friction.
particles — Property, class com.desuade.partigen.pools.Pool
A Dictionary object of all the current "living" particles.
particles — Property, class com.desuade.partigen.renderers.PixelRenderer
An object of all the current particles in the renderer.
ParticleTweenController — class, package com.desuade.partigen.controllers
Used to configure MotionControllers for the particles.
ParticleTweenController(duration:Number, containerClass:Class, tweenClass:Class) — Constructor, class com.desuade.partigen.controllers.ParticleTweenController
This is like a MotionController from the Motion Package, but is used as a placeholder to configure emitters. ParticleTweenControllers create MotionControllers on each particle that's created, allowing the particles to change over their lives. Using the addTween() method is recommended over calling this directly.
Partigen — class, package com.desuade.partigen
This is a static class that's used to store constants for the Desuade Partigen Package.
path — Property, class com.desuade.partigen.libraries.PELFile
The original path of the .pel file
PEL2 — Constant Static Property, class com.desuade.partigen.libraries.PELFile
Namespace for version 2.0 of the PEL spec.
PELFile — class, package com.desuade.partigen.libraries
Loads and provides methods for PEL (Partigen Emitter Library) files.
PELFile() — Constructor, class com.desuade.partigen.libraries.PELFile
This creates a PELFile that can be used to load preset emitter settings dynamicly at runtime.
physics — Property, class com.desuade.motion.controllers.PhysicsMultiController
The BasicPhysics object used to handle physics on a property.
PhysicsEvent — class, package com.desuade.motion.events
This event is created by the BasicPhysics class in the motion package.
PhysicsEvent(type:String, data:Object, bubbles:Boolean, cancelable:Boolean) — Constructor, class com.desuade.motion.events.PhysicsEvent
Creates a new PhysicsEvent.
PhysicsMultiController — Dynamic Class, package com.desuade.motion.controllers
An extension of a MultiController specifically for Physics objects.
PhysicsMultiController(target:Object, property:String, duration:Number, physics:com.desuade.motion.physics:BasicPhysics, containerClass:Class, tweenClass:Class) — Constructor, class com.desuade.motion.controllers.PhysicsMultiController
This creates a new PhysicsMultiController.
physicsRate — Static Property, class com.desuade.motion.bases.BaseTicker
The default rate for physics as default interval for BasicPhysics.startAtTime(). It is recomended to set this to your SWF's global stage.frameRate for more accurate rendering.
pid — Property, class com.desuade.motion.bases.BaseBasic
The primitive's id
PixelParticle — Dynamic Class, package com.desuade.partigen.particles
A basic, high-performance Particle for use with the PixelRenderer.
PixelParticle() — Constructor, class com.desuade.partigen.particles.PixelParticle
Creates a new pixel particle for the PixelRenderer.
PixelRenderer — class, package com.desuade.partigen.renderers
This uses BitmapData to display particles as pixels.
PixelRenderer(width:int, height:int, automagic:Boolean) — Constructor, class com.desuade.partigen.renderers.PixelRenderer
This creates a new PixelRenderer to render PixelParticles. Note: If regular Particles are used, it will convert them into a single pixel.
pool — Property, class com.desuade.partigen.emitters.BasicEmitter
This is the Pool to use to store and manage the actual particle objects.
Pool — class, package com.desuade.partigen.pools
These hold and manage the actual particle objects in memory.
Pool(particleClass:Class) — Constructor, class com.desuade.partigen.pools.Pool
Creates a Pool to store particle objects.
position — Property, class com.desuade.motion.controllers.Keyframe
A value in between 0 and 1 that specifies the relative position of the keyframe. This will effect the duration of the tween, along with the controller's 'duration' value.
position — Property, class com.desuade.motion.sequences.Sequence
The current position of the Seqeuence.
position — Property, class com.desuade.motion.tweens.Tween
Gets the current position 0-1 of the tween.
precision — Property, class com.desuade.motion.controllers.KeyframeContainer
How many decimal points the random spread values have.
precision — Property, class com.desuade.utils.Random
This is the amount of decimal places to keep when returning the value.
predraw — Property, class com.desuade.partigen.renderers.BitmapRenderer
If true, this draws the particles first, then applies the fade/fadeblur, then the renderfunc.
prefetch(time:Number) — method, class com.desuade.partigen.emitters.BasicEmitter
This prefetches (and creates) the particles that would have existed if the emitter was running for the given time.
prefetchTime — Property, class com.desuade.partigen.emitters.IDEEmitter
This is the prefetch time used when automatically starting the emitter.
pressedKeys — Property, class com.desuade.utils.ShortcutManager
An Array of keyCodes that have been pressed
PrimitiveBezierTween — class, package com.desuade.motion.tweens
This is a PrimitiveTween that also has bezier points, used by the Tween class to create bezier tweens.
PrimitiveBezierTween() — Constructor, class com.desuade.motion.tweens.PrimitiveBezierTween
This creates a new, raw PrimitiveTween.
PrimitiveMultiTween — class, package com.desuade.motion.tweens
This is a PrimitiveTween that's used to tween multiple properties on an object in a single tween.
PrimitiveMultiTween() — Constructor, class com.desuade.motion.tweens.PrimitiveMultiTween
This creates a new, raw PrimitiveTween.
PrimitivePhysics — class, package com.desuade.motion.physics
This is a primitive physics object that applies velocity, acceleration, and friction.
PrimitivePhysics() — Constructor, class com.desuade.motion.physics.PrimitivePhysics
The PrimitivePhysics object.
PrimitiveTween — class, package com.desuade.motion.tweens
This is the most basic tween with no management.
PrimitiveTween() — Constructor, class com.desuade.motion.tweens.PrimitiveTween
This creates a new, raw PrimitiveTween.
property — Property, class com.desuade.motion.bases.BasePrimitive
The property on the target.
property — Property, class com.desuade.motion.controllers.MotionController
The property that's being controlled and tweened.
property — Property, class com.desuade.motion.controllers.PhysicsMultiController
This is the property of the target to apply the physics to.
purge() — method, class com.desuade.partigen.pools.BasicPool
This clears all particles in the object pool and will not check any currently living particles back into the object pool.
purge() — method, class com.desuade.partigen.pools.Pool
This does nothing for Sweep and Null pools.
purgeAllClasses() — method, class com.desuade.utils.MultiPool
This removes all the object pools for classes to free up memory.
pushArray(array:Array) — method, class com.desuade.motion.sequences.Sequence
Takes all the items in an Array and pushes them into the Sequence.
pushArray(array:Array) — method, class com.desuade.motion.sequences.SequenceGroup
Takes all the items in an Array and pushes them into the Sequence.
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