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make(amount:int) — method, class com.desuade.utils.BasicObjectPool
Makes an object in the pool.
makeGroup(particle:Class, amount:int, proximity:int) — method, interface com.desuade.partigen.interfaces.IBasicParticle
makeGroupBitmap(particleData:flash.display:BitmapData, amount:int, proximity:int, origin:flash.geom:Point) — method, interface com.desuade.partigen.interfaces.IBasicParticle
manualAdvance — Property, class com.desuade.motion.sequences.Sequence
If set to true, the sequence will not add a listener, and will not advance the sequence until advance() is called.
manualServe — Property, class com.desuade.motion.sequences.SequenceGroup
If this is true, the SequenceGroup wont call serve() automatically.
max — Property, class com.desuade.utils.Random
The Random object's maximum value for the random range.
min — Property, class com.desuade.utils.Random
The Random object's minimum value for the random range.
Motion — class, package com.desuade.motion
This is a static class that's used to store constants for the Desuade Motion Package.
motionClass — Property, class com.desuade.motion.sequences.ClassSequence
This is the class to use in creating the sequence.
MotionController — class, package com.desuade.motion.controllers
Virtual motion editor that creates tweens similar to that of a timeline with keyframes.
MotionController(target:Object, property:String, duration:Number, containerClass:Class, tweenClass:Class) — Constructor, class com.desuade.motion.controllers.MotionController
Creates a new MotionController for the given target and property. MotionControllers are basically pragmatic motion editors, like those found in Flash CS4 and After Effects. They use 'keyframes' just like the timeline or motion editor to mark a position where there's a change of value. Note: DMP Keyframes are not "real" Flash keyframes, and all animation are time-based in the package, rather than frame-based) Keyframes are managed by a 'KeyframeContainer' which provides methods for adding, configuring, and working with keyframes. MotionControllers basically "take control" over a property and manage it's value over time.
MotionEvent — class, package com.desuade.motion.events
This base event is created by any of the classes in the motion package.
MotionEvent(type:String, bubbles:Boolean, cancelable:Boolean) — Constructor, class com.desuade.motion.events.MotionEvent
Creates a new MotionEvent.
MultiController — Dynamic Class, package com.desuade.motion.controllers
Manages multiple MotionControllers under one controller for a single target.
MultiController(target:Object, duration:Number, properties:Array, containerClass:Class, tweenClass:Class) — Constructor, class com.desuade.motion.controllers.MultiController
Creates a new MultiController.
MultiPool — class, package com.desuade.utils
This stores pools and manages objects based on multiple classes.
MultiPool(clean:Function, expandSize:int) — Constructor, class com.desuade.utils.MultiPool
This creates a new MultiPool.
MultiTween — class, package com.desuade.motion.tweens
This is the same as the Tween class, except it can tween multiple properties at once, and offers no bezier.
MultiTween(target:Object, configObject:Object) — Constructor, class com.desuade.motion.tweens.MultiTween
The constructor accepts an object that has all the paramaters needed to create a new tween. Paramaters for the tween object: properties:Object – an object of properties and values to tween.
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