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getAllClasses(fullname:Boolean, duplicates:Boolean) — method, class com.desuade.partigen.libraries.PELFile
This returns an Array of Strings listing all available loaded classes
getClass(className:String) — method, class com.desuade.partigen.libraries.PELFile
This returns the direct Class from the passed string
getClass(className:String) — method, class com.desuade.utils.SWCFile
This returns the direct Class from the passed string
getColorObject(type:String, amount:Number, rgb:any, cco:Object) — Static Method , class com.desuade.utils.ColorHelper
This returns an object used for color transformations.
getItem(id:int) — Static Method , class com.desuade.motion.bases.BaseTicker
Returns the item based on the id.
getOrderedLabels() — method, class com.desuade.motion.controllers.KeyframeContainer
Creates an Array with all of the labels of the keyframes, from begin to end
getPositionInTime() — method, class com.desuade.motion.sequences.ClassSequence
This gets the current position in time out of the entire duration ONLY if the motionClass is a form of tween.
getPrefetchLifeArray(time:Number) — method, class com.desuade.partigen.emitters.BasicEmitter
This creates an array of particle's life values, both original and current, based on the eps/burst and supplied time value as it would if the emitter was running for the time duration.
getSimpleClassName(object:Object) — Static Method , class com.desuade.utils.XMLHelper
Returns a string for the class name.
getVelocityWithAngle(velocity:Number, angle:Number, flip:Boolean) — Static Method , class com.desuade.motion.physics.BasicPhysics
Gets the velocity that's calculated with a given angle.
goCH(e:Object) — method, class com.desuade.utils.ShortcutManager
group — Property, class com.desuade.partigen.particles.BasicParticle
This holds the particles inside of the group.
group — Property, class com.desuade.partigen.particles.BasicPixelParticle
This holds the particles inside of the group.
groupAmount — Property, class com.desuade.partigen.emitters.BasicEmitter
This controls how may particles are made in a "particle group".
groupBitmap — Property, class com.desuade.partigen.emitters.BasicEmitter
This will create a new Bitmap object for the particle instead of the direct display object.
groupProximity — Property, class com.desuade.partigen.emitters.BasicEmitter
This determines the maximum distance away from the center of the group to create new particles.
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