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cacheParticleAsBitmap — Property, class com.desuade.partigen.emitters.BasicEmitter
This will set "cacheAsBitmap = true" on all created particles. Test using this vs groupBitmap - as performance will vary based on each effect. Also test this with BitmapRenderer, as it may vary the effect and performance.
catalog — Property, class com.desuade.utils.SWCFile
This is the XML of the catalog.xml file in the SWC
checkIn(item:any) — method, class com.desuade.utils.BasicObjectPool
Checks the item back into the pool.
checkInClass(class:Class, item:any) — method, class com.desuade.utils.MultiPool
This checks in the object to the specified class pool.
checkOut() — method, class com.desuade.utils.BasicObjectPool
This checks an object out of the pool.
checkOutClass(class:Class) — method, class com.desuade.utils.MultiPool
This checks out the object to the specified class pool.
classes — Property, class com.desuade.utils.SWCFile
This is an object containing all the classes found in the SWC
classPool — Static Property, class com.desuade.motion.bases.BaseTicker
This is the MultiPool that stores all the object pools for the Primitive classes.
classPool — Static Property, class com.desuade.partigen.particles.BasicParticle
This is the MultiPool that stores all the object pools for particle classes.
ClassSequence — Dynamic Class, package com.desuade.motion.sequences
A Sequence that uses a single class and config objects to create a sequence.
ClassSequence(motionClass:Class, ... rest) — Constructor, class com.desuade.motion.sequences.ClassSequence
This is a Sequence that only uses one class to create sequence items. All Config Objects passed in after the motionClass parametere will be added to the sequence.
clean — Property, class com.desuade.utils.BasicObjectPool
The method used to clean objects on checkIn
cleanColorValue(rgb:any) — Static Method , class com.desuade.utils.ColorHelper
Takes any kind of color representation and makes it into a clean uint.
clear() — method, class com.desuade.partigen.renderers.BitmapRenderer
This clears the BitmapData on the renderer.
clone() — method, class com.desuade.motion.events.ControllerEvent
clone() — method, class com.desuade.motion.events.MotionEvent
clone() — method, class com.desuade.motion.events.PhysicsEvent
clone() — method, class com.desuade.motion.events.SequenceEvent
clone() — method, class com.desuade.motion.events.TweenEvent
clone() — method, class com.desuade.partigen.events.ParticleEvent
clone() — method, class com.desuade.partigen.events.RenderEvent
codes — Property, class com.desuade.debugging.CodeSet
The text for debug codes.
CodeSet — class, package com.desuade.debugging
CodeSet is a base class used by the Debug class to load all the debug codes and text.
CodeSet() — Constructor, class com.desuade.debugging.CodeSet
Constructor for a code set.
color — Property, class com.desuade.partigen.particles.BasicPixelParticle
This is the pixel color.
ColorHelper — class, package com.desuade.utils
This is a static class that provides methods to help with tweening and working with colors.
ColorKeyframeContainer — Dynamic Class, package com.desuade.motion.controllers
Manages and hold keyframes specifically for color-tweening.
ColorKeyframeContainer(tweenClass:Class) — Constructor, class com.desuade.motion.controllers.ColorKeyframeContainer
Creates a new ColorKeyframeContainer.
ColorTween — class, package com.desuade.motion.tweens
Standard tween class to change the color of a DisplayObject.
ColorTween(target:Object, configObject:Object) — Constructor, class com.desuade.motion.tweens.ColorTween
The constructor accepts an object that has all the paramaters needed to create a new tween. Paramaters for the tween object: type:String – the type of color transformation to apply.
colorTweenClass — Static Property, class com.desuade.motion.controllers.MotionController
The default colortween class to use for emitter controllers
colorTweenClass — Static Property, class com.desuade.partigen.controllers.ParticleController
The default colortween class to use for emitter controllers
com.desuade.debugging — package
com.desuade.motion — package
com.desuade.motion.bases — package
com.desuade.motion.controllers — package
com.desuade.motion.eases — package
com.desuade.motion.events — package
com.desuade.motion.physics — package
com.desuade.motion.sequences — package
com.desuade.motion.tweens — package
com.desuade.partigen — package
com.desuade.partigen.controllers — package
com.desuade.partigen.emitters — package
com.desuade.partigen.events — package
com.desuade.partigen.interfaces — package
com.desuade.partigen.libraries — package
com.desuade.partigen.particles — package
com.desuade.partigen.pools — package
com.desuade.partigen.renderers — package
com.desuade.utils — package
COMPANY — Constant Static Property, class com.desuade.motion.Motion
Company that owns the source code
COMPANY — Constant Static Property, class com.desuade.partigen.Partigen
Company that owns the source code
completed — Property, class com.desuade.motion.sequences.DelayableFunc
Returns true if the function completed.
completed — Property, class com.desuade.motion.tweens.Tween
If the tween finished or not.
config — Property, class com.desuade.motion.bases.BaseBasic
Gets the config object that was passed in the constructor.
config — Property, class com.desuade.motion.sequences.DelayableFunc
Gets the config object that was passed in the constructor.
config — Property, class com.desuade.partigen.emitters.IDEEmitter
Getter/setter that uses XML methods to return (as String) or set the configuration of the emitter from String/XML.
ControllerEvent — class, package com.desuade.motion.events
This event is created by controller classes in the Motion package.
ControllerEvent(type:String, data:Object, bubbles:Boolean, cancelable:Boolean) — Constructor, class com.desuade.motion.events.ControllerEvent
Creates a new ControllerEvent.
controllers — Property, class com.desuade.partigen.emitters.Emitter
This object holds the EmitterController and the ParticleController. They are accessible as follows: controllers.emitter and controllers.particle These controllers are what is used to configure particles and the way the behave, as well as properties for the emitter itself.
controllers — Property, class com.desuade.partigen.particles.Particle
This holds all of the MotionControllers that are currently being ran on the particle.
controllers — Property, class com.desuade.partigen.particles.PixelParticle
This holds all of the MotionControllers that are currently being ran on the particle.
createParticle(totalLife:Number, remainingLife:Number) — method, class com.desuade.partigen.emitters.Emitter
createParticleBitmap(padding:int) — method, class com.desuade.partigen.emitters.BasicEmitter
This creates the main bitmapdata object used when groupBitmap == true.
current — Property, class com.desuade.motion.sequences.Sequence
The current motion object that's running.
current — Property, class com.desuade.motion.sequences.SequenceGroup
An array of the current items being ran.
currentCombo — Property, class com.desuade.utils.ShortcutManager
The current combo being pressed at the moment (null if no a combo isn't being pressed)
currentKeys — Property, class com.desuade.utils.ShortcutManager
The current keys (keyCodes) that are being pressed
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