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BaseBasic — class, package com.desuade.motion.bases
The base class for Basic objects.
BaseBasic(target:Object, configObject:Object) — Constructor, class com.desuade.motion.bases.BaseBasic
This creates a new BaseBasic instance. The constructor accepts an object that has all the paramaters for the config.
BasePrimitive — class, package com.desuade.motion.bases
This is the base class to Primitive objects.
BasePrimitive() — Constructor, class com.desuade.motion.bases.BasePrimitive
Creates a new BasePrimitive.
BaseTicker — class, package com.desuade.motion.bases
Handles primitive update cycles for render()
BasicColorTween — class, package com.desuade.motion.tweens
This creates a basic tween that changes a display object's color.
BasicColorTween(target:Object, configObject:Object) — Constructor, class com.desuade.motion.tweens.BasicColorTween
The constructor accepts an object that has all the paramaters needed to create a new tween. Paramaters for the tween object: type:String – the type of color transformation to apply.
BasicEmitter — Dynamic Class, package com.desuade.partigen.emitters
The most basic form of an Emitter, offering the minimum necessary to emit particles.
BasicEmitter() — Constructor, class com.desuade.partigen.emitters.BasicEmitter
This creates a new BasicEmitter. This emitter does not have any controllers, and only offers basic emission and event functionality.
BasicMultiTween — class, package com.desuade.motion.tweens
This creates a BasicTween, but accepts a parameters object that can contain many properties and values.
BasicMultiTween(target:Object, configObject:Object) — Constructor, class com.desuade.motion.tweens.BasicMultiTween
The constructor accepts an object that has all the paramaters needed to create a new tween. Paramaters for the tween object: properties:Object – an object of properties and values to tween.
BasicObjectPool — class, package com.desuade.utils
Creates a generic pool for any kind of object.
BasicObjectPool(objectClass:Class, clean:Function, expandSize:int, startSize:int) — Constructor, class com.desuade.utils.BasicObjectPool
This creates a new BasicObjectPool.
BasicParticle — Dynamic Class, package com.desuade.partigen.particles
The most basic form of Particle, only the minimum necessary.
BasicParticle() — Constructor, class com.desuade.partigen.particles.BasicParticle
Creates a new particle.
BasicPhysics — class, package com.desuade.motion.physics
This class simulates very basic physics, using basic motion equations to change the value of a property.
BasicPhysics(target:Object, configObject:Object) — Constructor, class com.desuade.motion.physics.BasicPhysics
This creates a BasicPhysics object. Each BasicPhysics object controls a single property on a given target object, and applies basic physics equations to calculate a change in value. Unlike tweens, there is no end value, and the BasicPhysics' update will continue to run until it is stopped, or it reaches the specified duration. Paramaters for the configObject: property:String – The property to apply the physics to. velocity:Number – The velocity of the property.
BasicPixelParticle — Dynamic Class, package com.desuade.partigen.particles
A basic, high-performance BasicParticle for use with the PixelRenderer.
BasicPixelParticle() — Constructor, class com.desuade.partigen.particles.BasicPixelParticle
Creates a new pixel particle for the PixelRenderer.
BasicPool — class, package com.desuade.partigen.pools
This is a basic particle pool that uses actual object pooling to reuse particles.
BasicPool(particleClass:Class, expandSize:int) — Constructor, class com.desuade.partigen.pools.BasicPool
This creates a basic particle pool using object pooling.
BasicTween — class, package com.desuade.motion.tweens
A very basic tween that allows you to tween a given value on any object to a new value.
BasicTween(target:Object, configObject:Object) — Constructor, class com.desuade.motion.tweens.BasicTween
The constructor accepts an object that has all the paramaters needed to create a new tween. Paramaters for the configObject: property:String – the property to tween value:– the new (end) value.
bezier — Property, class com.desuade.motion.tweens.PrimitiveBezierTween
The array that contains all the bezier points for the tween.
bitmap — Property, class com.desuade.partigen.renderers.BitmapCanvas
The internal bitmap.
BitmapCanvas — class, package com.desuade.partigen.renderers
Displays particles on the screen from a BitmapRenderer
BitmapCanvas(renderer:com.desuade.partigen.renderers:Renderer, x:Number, y:Number) — Constructor, class com.desuade.partigen.renderers.BitmapCanvas
This creates a BitmapCanvas that actually displays the particles from the BitmapRenderer.
bitmapdata — Property, class com.desuade.partigen.renderers.BitmapRenderer
The BitmapData to render to.
BitmapRenderer — class, package com.desuade.partigen.renderers
This uses BitmapData to display particles.
BitmapRenderer(width:int, height:int, order:String, automagic:Boolean) — Constructor, class com.desuade.partigen.renderers.BitmapRenderer
Creates a new BitmapRenderer.
blendMode — Property, class com.desuade.partigen.particles.BasicPixelParticle
The blendmode of the pixel.
BORN — Constant Static Property, class com.desuade.partigen.events.ParticleEvent
This gets fired everytime a particle is born.
buildSequence(target:Object, property:String, duration:Number) — method, class com.desuade.motion.controllers.MotionController
This creates the actual sequence object used to go through each tween.
burst — Property, class com.desuade.partigen.emitters.BasicEmitter
This is the amount of particles to be created on each emission.
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